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Sneak Peek at So Wild A Dream, Part 2

July 18, 2017

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10 More Unsung Shawls that are Awesome

October 17, 2017

Every once in a while, I peruse the 36,917 knitted shawl patterns on Ravelry.com*, and I just have to make a list of the dozens I find that are striking, clever and oh so beautiful, and....let's call it unsung. Not getting the love and attention they deserve.


A while ago, I made a list of 10 such shawls. And today, I'm posting another 10. These are designs that are stunning, ingenious and look like a blast to knit, but have fewer than 20 projects posted on Ravelry.


Of course, there are many more than 10 such shawls out there. Probably thousands. I'll probably keep posting lists until someone, somewhere tells me that they've made one of the shawls they see here. And beyond that too, since I love to make lists and shine light on some great designs that are not the shawls everyone is making today.


In no particular order, here we go!





by Kelene Kinnsersly


A lovely use of a very simple mesh design that highlights a special skein.



Bleeding Heart

by Simone Eich/Wollwerk


An intriguing shape to knit, and a perfect canvas for featuring those special, intensely colored yarns that you've been hoarding. The designer has also published a "remake" version with stripes and, I presume, other modifications.



Wingpoint and Seekonk

by Pam Sluter


Bonus two-for-one recommendation! Pam Sluter has created two shawl designs that use a simple method to highlight several yarns against neutral ground. The little triangles remind me of flags or bunting, and they have a surprising impact.



Scarf Saga

by Jen Giezen


Yes, okay, this one is technically a scarf. It's also very cool. A geometric, simple but impactful pattern is perfectly shaped to highlight color-changing yarns or ombre sets. This scarf is a rather mainstream piece for designer Jen Giezen. She crafts sculptural, truly innovative pieces that are knitted by so few people, it's crazy. Seriously, take a look at all her work.




by Stephanie Lotven


Jamjali means ‘dragonfly’ in Korean (so says the description,) and this shawl is shaped like an elongated pair of dragonfly wings that will showcase two more more amazing yarns. It's yet another simple but impactful design.




by Bristol Ivy


Bold colorblocks cross and diverge to form a striking triangular shawl in sport weight yarn. A small vacation from the elongated wrap shapes that are highly visible these days, and a return to a traditional shawl shape.



Uzbeck Scarf

by Xandy Peters


I'd call this one a shawlette, and it's another geometric twist on a long, shallow triangle. An eye-catching use for some of the brightest yarns you have in your stash, and it looks like so much fun to knit.



Cape of Invisibility

by kraftling


Be still my Viking heart. Colorwork runes to wrap all around yourself. It's gorgeous. You have to see!



Colour Trail

by Louise Zass-Bangham


A simple and satisfying mix of Garter and mesh that highlights a great yarn. I love the attention to simple details that make a big impression. I have to say that -- in a completely non-competitive way  -- this shawl reminds me of my Grashús design.



Rododendro Ferrugineo (Alpen Rose)

by Valentina Cosciani


Another fundamental shape that the designer has turned on its side and upside down, with little sawtooth edges that add interest and make this wrap fall beautifully in front. A little gem.


And as usual, I'll sneak in one of my own designs at the end, for a bonus!




by Larissa Brown


A joyful and striking use for all those amazing ombre and long-color-changing  yarns out there, paired with scraps, mini-skeins, or saturated solids to form ridges that pop. It's like a giant, cozy, knitted granny square, that is nonetheless wearable as a lovely wrap with a t-shirt and jeans. Come see how colorful and epic it can be on ravelry. Or craft one in lovely neutral tones for a wintry warm wrap. Give it a shot. <3



* as of 12:10 pm PST on 7/25/17




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