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My designs invite you to use wild color and bold geometric shapes to create personal one-of-a-kind handknits.

Shawls, wraps and blankets are designed to use spectacular variegated, hand dyed or hand spun yarn. Or perhaps scraps from beloved past projects.


Wearable art and multimedia designs invite every knitter to use fabric scraps, felted sweater bits, scout badges, plastic flowers, and even bits of poetry in your knitting.

Beyond design, my knitting work has included art installations and pieces like the shaggy-looking Temporal Scarf (pictured below) that use data such as time and weather to create knitted works.


Most recently, my design work has been inspired by my fiction, including research into the gorgeous Viking aesthetic. The curly Lichen shawl (2nd row, left) is inspired by the landscape of Iceland.

I’ve also written two knitting books and penned articles in Jane Austen Knits, Knitty.com, Knit Edge and knit.1 magazine.

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